Lawnmower (Coffee Table)

This was six years in the making – off and on. The piece was fully completed with wheels. I purchased the glass table top and do not have a picture of the final piece.

It’s made out of the 80’s exercise trampoline we used as kids and my great, great aunt’s electric lawnmower (a good buddy of mine smoothed and repainted in exchange for his company’s logo in tile mosaic).

Each of the thousand or so glass tile was individually cut from larger 1′ x 1′ glass sheets.

What you cannot see in the pics is the rotating saw blade and lighting system within the lawnmower. The intermittent holes within the glass tile are for five stainless steel posts with rubber caps that hold the glass table top.

I left it at my grandparents house for safe keeping. My cousin moved in with them and put it out on the curb on large trash day thinking it was junk. I would love to see it again someday, but I don’t think there’s much of a chance.



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