Nash Montage

I always tell all my friends to be on the lookout for stuff I can use – “If it rusts, I can weld it”.  I’m always on the lookout for cool things that “would probably be cool to use in a project someday”.

These two factors usually make available a wide variety of metal stuff to work with…and sometimes the pile gets a little too high.

For this project I had a giant “n” shaped piece (top-left), which is the first letter of my son’s name. I worked through the remaining letters and fab-ed/welded as many cool things as I could into this “montage”. It was my first project of this type.

I hope to someday be able to cover an entire wall with this stuff – maybe a room. There’s some great examples of similar work in South Austin. It’s fun to let one’s mind just wander once in a while – without a specific vision for how a project should look when it’s completed.


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